Science in our lives
Tech shall set us free!

By Lushfun

My earnest optimism lies in the evolution of our technology to eliminate the stupidity of men & women trying to control their fellow men & women through the preponderance of laws and other constructs. Further progress gives all of us options. Sometimes these options add complexity of choice but it’s better to have that, then a dead end one way street.

It certainly feels like mating disruption is a part of a power struggle where our natures are subverted to benefit the select few at the expense of the greater many. In some ways the double constraints of nature and the nature of society may perhaps elicit a quicker release from both, by amplifying our drive to subvert them in drive for individual freedom.

Perhaps pushing our genes through chips* will give us further insight into how to accommodate each of our needs to maximize our potential. Happyness seems as elusive as insight and knowledge, once you have some you realize much more is yet further away. Maybe the journey is really its’ own reward, but as we evolve our trip does become more and more interesting.

In some way every little grain of thought, that inspires us and makes our minds more inquisitive helps our imagination create a little drop of happiness.

Controlling technology with copyrights or patents as the geyser of innovation pumps out effervescent waters of progress is not possible. They are like sticks thrown to shift the movement of a body of water which simply curves around and finds a better way.

Walk boldly with confidence that no statist government planner or a rent seeking banker may achieve a full monopoly over the discretion of your thought and freedom of action.

No amount of law, posturing, social programs, UN globalistic endeavors, or even a global currency, will ever achieve control over the future. It always belongs to those willing to think, question, innovate, sometimes humming a tune just a little different then everyone else is enough to push the orbit of the chaos theoretical sands into a pattern of random creative destruction. Universe rewards all those thoughts no matter how small or insignificant they may be, push your mind, let it breathe the theoretical sands of chaos, imagine the creative destruction, exhale randomness.


Have a happy and healthy upcoming new year!

best of luck, Lushfun

Serfdom Feminism and the Present Parts 3 and 2

December 25th, 2010 by Lushfun

Serfdom Feminism and the Present Final Part3.

Will give my best to sum up main points here. (to see other parts: part1, part2)

The dynamic of majority and plurality comes into conflict when the will of a group is forceful enough to inflict the tyranny of the majority on the rest of us. In the past it was primarily through arms and government enforcement, this time it is no different, the only thing that changes is the amount of mental public relations that gets pushed through society to butter us up before we are bent over to willingly submit to it.

Opting out of the system is actually very easy, once you stop believing in the system you are effectively outside. Certainly there are other actions you could take to make your capital and life better by leaving or structuring to avoid the pitfalls of the system, but that is secondary. The trick is to put yourself first, the individual first and foremost above any social/ideological system past, present and future, and it will melt like a cube of sugar in a cup of tea.

Serfdom is interesting in the fact that it makes one destitute by appropriation. Ergo everything you produce is appropriated by someone other than yourself and distributed in the fashion of their choosing. Feminism strives at a similar ideal, where ones’ identity is above the individual. Putting one class, or gender above the other through mental masturbation for the “good” of society builds up a moral superiority complex, where the ethics are warped to such a degree that they become irrationally ingrained in the core of society. As with any ideology the absolute goal is for feminists to decide on the identity everyone else gets vested with. That is the crux of reality.

As of right now, our schools, job opportunities, government redistribution of income, court adjudication, and quiet a few other segments mandate a way of thought, action, and enforcement to favor one side rather than another, not on merit, but on favor predicated on an ideology. In respect to this reality all of them loose once compliance in the process by the other half is curtailed. Fantasy that the utopia is just beyond the horizon forcing the younger generation to sprint across the desert for the oasis beyond the horizon, which never materializes is the whimpering ending of the future. It is sort of sad as those disillusioned women walk the streets and the reality is not conforming to their expectations even now. Most hurt are usually the true believers, they are left devastated at the troth that is laying empty and no more morsels of encouragement nor the silk shades can hide the rays of sun and the truth beyond them.

Men whom have been hurt by the system will either raise the price beyond the orbit of the ability to pay for most females in the marriage/dating market or otherwise [which is reasonable], opt out to foreign lands, or do something completely different. Backlash on a system where disparity occurs for a long time occurs at the point of slow decline to accelerate its’ collapse. How do people think dowry came into being? Imagine a market that has been shocked by plague or war, if there is a big gender imbalance either bride price or dowry will ensue to bring it to equilibrium. Sure the guys could impregnate all the available women but in a world where resources are scarce it would be hard to feed multiple families. Particularly in light of one where females are more favored in a socio-economic settings.

Ahem, yes ladies will have to actually pony up and pay guys to marry and stay with them. Not just sexually but with actual coin and labor. Age of Distpoia is ahead, meddling in the familial construct creates severe repercussions before things correct themselves. Yet we have not heard the last hurrah, an ending effort to “correct” all things wrong in the market of human emotions. Perhaps we can avert serfdom by legislation but at this point my mind is still doubtful on that point.

Present is like a conundrum where one side tries to outwit it-self in order to convince the other of the benefits it brings, while the opponent smiles haughtily as they turn to leave.


*ideology-fantasy relation of note

Serfdom, Feminism, Present part2 for Serfdom, Feminism, Present part1

To some degree I think feminism rose out of the suffrage movement, as voting pluralized from segment to segment so did the agenda . Well think about it this way every –ism is based on an ideological world view that the movement behind it tries to push society into, the closer you are to the core of our species with an ideology the more skewed the world view of society becomes through it. Basically equality under socialism is defined and redefined over and over again to coincide with the changing socialists in control. A similar process is going on with the feminism movement. Satisfaction of an ideological worldview does not happen because those whom are in control always redefine it to their own ambitions. It is a fluid river of loops pushing out the beliefs of those behind it and segmenting the majority of those believers into smaller and smaller majorities to redefine, more and more worldviews based on the core values of those in control. Morality and ethics are just rationalization mechanism to convince others, when that doesn’t work brute force and laws follow.

Money matters much less in creating ideological forces. Far more relevant are the institutionalized verticals of a power base, where it really creates loops which feed on themselves like government employees from teachers to administrators within state/city/federal agencies. Once something has inertia behind it and a lot of power its very hard to change, it somewhat becomes tautological and reinforces itself. Institutionalized feminism in these verticals of power begins to be ingrained so heavily as to displace actual functionality for which they were created. Schools are an easy example where hard sciences have been displaced more and more in favor of humanities and how to think within society. Critical thought, competition, and creativity are constrained by the egos of those who “know better”. Perfection in the eyes of every person in power is just a shift one way or another, just a marginal step in the right direction, just a few more rights for some and less for others, and a cumulative destruction is slowly leveraged by magnitudes of time. Once power corrupts the system absolutely, it simply transfers to those whom ignore the system. Those whom organize outside the system and are non-reliant on it gain power. Compliance is destroyed once trust is destroyed and once a system does not represent your best interests you have no reasons to comply. Only a marginal amount of people have to cease complying before the system is too heavy to operate under its’ own weight.

Due to different age curves and mortality rates for the most part the ratio of women to men in our society is around 51/49, considering that voters are stripped of their right to vote by being “criminalized” through the justice system and majority of those are men we can assume that the voting base is probably closer to 55/45 female to male. Then we can assume that higher voting rates will apply to women in the future due to greater college enrollment going on now. It seems closer and closer to an age where breakdown between men and women voting will be near 60/40. Assuming other factors discussed below marginalization of non-mainstream worldviews will simply mean ignorance of the interest groups whom are not aligned into this paradigm.

I suggest you look up pluralism, and think how interests are fractured by it.

Most people today ignore very basic facts, and look at politics with rose colored glasses.

Perceptions and reality are usually very different things. For example a country with a 100 million people and a voter turnout of 50% and two political parties only needs one of them to gain over 25 million votes to control a society of 100 million for the duration of their mandate. If the government structures policies in such a way as to pit against one another of its constituencies due to economic, moral, or other outlooks, they only need a marginal person to establish rules only they expressly wished for.

This is done rather simply, akin to marketing really. You take your basic population and divided it into groups where self-interest will make certain that it aligns to your position weather the rest of your position is aligned will be irrelevant since marginally they will be ahead. Having overlaps between groups is actually better since you automatically gain advocates of your will in multiple instances within society. Ergo society can be viewed thus: women, men, ethnic groups, age groups, economic groups. Let’s take a 100 people with an inverse pyramid shape 50/50 female to male, a third each in a different ethnic group, a fifth each in a different age group, and a seventh in each different economic group. Now whom would you approach to win control of the group? Your fractional influencer group has to simply be slightly larger than any other to give you power. Ergo women whom vote from the dominant ethnicity of voting age, and within the top 5-6 brackets of income distribution. With 50% turnout that’s less than 10 people*. In essence you leverage yourself by a factor of 10x.

But, nature always wins in the end. Always without exception. The longer you suppress it the bigger and more destructive the snapback effect, creative destruction has a way of appearing where it is least expected.

Several thoughts about what is going on now. Massive amounts of productive capital is held offshore in one way or another to escape government meddling. No amount of suing, divorce, government intervention will force it back. Government went into Byzantium mode with “good ideas” being implemented left and right as regulations. Any interest group willing to leverage an agenda and show backing from any segment of the population gets ‘its’ law or a section within one. What happens once the labyrinth is complete is decay and collapse, none want to operate in a system that is in conflict with itself because it will always conflict with you first and that costs money. This is not about making state and federal overlays the same, it is about having either one or the other.

Compliance with the system is falling not only due to people wanting to escape being strangled by paper mill forms but due to the said paper mill forms creating bottlenecks of accessibility and understandability, which begets audits and examinations for those participating. The ultimate ending is very simple, it is outright graft. When you are in violation of a regulation and there is a person examining things it will be cheaper to bribe than to pay the fine. Once it metastases on a massive scale, and it will in a very short time the outright real costs for the bureaucracy will become very high. Law and its enforcement will be totally arbitrary based on your real pocketbook.

*50 say 20 females are from the dominant ethnic group with 50% turnout you only need 10 and a fifth will not be able to vote due to age distribution.

Part 2 over still have no structure within this oh well.

Escape Vent

What would one want to escape? Fate, mundane realities of the present, self-perceptions, their station or lack there of in society, perhaps and infinite number of other things can be thrown into the mix.

One cannot escape their surroundings because they are tempered by one’s attitude and in order to change them you have to change your perception of self. But that’s some reflective idiocy on my end. The reality is sometimes your surroundings suck and they are the product of others whom are more eager to create a nature of subservience within the ecosystem to serve their interests.

Lately there seems to be a perfect storm, wikileaks being lambasted to hide governmental corruption, assault on personal freedoms seems to be going full steam ahead, net neutrality is being segmented in a divide and conquer fashion, so that eventually we will be left with as few networks online as we are in real life. All of this seems so very surreal but never the less is slowly occurring. Perhaps it is the great health plan of the future which will put anyone in jail unable or unwilling to pay premiums to health insurance giants vis a vis government extortion brigades that got me thinking this way. It might have been the FDA raiding organic food producers in California and elsewhere, as well as, big food processors attempting to kill the last vestiges of the family farm with regulation disallowing anyone to grow food for their own or commercial consumption without being probed by aliens, I mean the FDA. They only want to keep us safe[sarcasm], from ourselves of course. and a little bribe here and there from Monsanto or someone similar in the form of a campaign contribution or a stock grant doesn’t hurt those bureaucrats. Most of whom go from Monsanto to work at FDA back and forth almost writing regulation for themselves so to speak.

This does make me sad at times, but well its OK. None of this matters one bit. Once all of this comes true and the proverbial neck of the populace is snapped, we will enter the Age of Randomness. History as we know it is usually a manipulated shell of ideas through a lens of revision made up by a systemic reflection of what is best for the system creating a base background for which others can believe. Tempering an alloy of reality one can only look at what happens when fundamental corruption permeates the government, societies reply with black markets, mafias, and perpetual coups until the system disintegrates and reforms itself into something descent. Empires are built on sand and a mortar of blood, but the ocean is usually a few feet away, and that’s Nature humming away as it edges closer to level us back to reality.

*food safety bill on thomas for te